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  • BRENDON TOWERS WAY  REPORT – the exciting new walk in  Wiveliscombe and The Hills benefice has been successfully attempted!
    Sadly, the Brendon Towers Way dedication walk, planned for May 23rd with the Bishop of Bath and Wells in attendance, had to be postponed due to Covid19. 
    All was not lost. John Osborne came up with a wonderful idea of how we could safely introduce this new walk and so he contacted the Wivey Walkers committee and outlined his plan. 
    Thank you John.  Your idea worked really well and we received very positive feedback from the walkers who thoroughly enjoyed their day. It was a lovely way for people to safely meet each other after many weeks of isolation.

  • At 10:30am on Saturday 20th June 38 local walkers set off in small groups of 4 or 5 from each of the 8 churches in the benefice. The plan was for each small group of walkers to walk to the next church on the route and back again. Half of each group walked in a clockwise direction and the other half walked in an anti-clockwise direction. Every church was visited and the walkers had a very jolly time passing friends along the way who were walking in the opposite direction. Everyone remembered their ‘social distancing’ and picnic lunches were enjoyed in the peaceful churchyards or surrounding fields. Some walkers, feeling energetic, decided to walk further than planned and continued along the route, visiting a few more churches before heading back to where they had left their cars. Two walkers, a little apprehensive about walking through a field of cows, were reassured by a farmer and all was well! One walker, we are very proud to say, completed the WHOLE Brendon Towers Way in one day, visiting all 8 churches and walking a total of 22 miles in 8 hours! What an achievement!

  • This was a memorable day for all of us but does not replace the official ‘launch’ of BTW which we hope will happen in the not too distant future. In the meantime, the walk is there to be enjoyed by all. Leaflets of the route are available for £1 in Wivey Post Office and the local churches. 

    Thelma Hoare

    Wivey Walkers

  • Notes of appreciation from walkers who took part on the day :
    “Thanks to everyone who put so much work into this, it was a lovely day + fun meeting with a few others on the way round. Hopefully we can all walk again together before long”. 
    “Just to say thank you for organising the lovely walk yesterday. Such beautiful meadows and views between Clatworthy and Brompton Ralph. The leaflet is so well done with the details of each church, I hadn't realised what an interesting circuit it is and how much work must have gone in to creating it all.”
    “A very enjoyable walk today. Thank you.”
    “Thank you so much for organising this walk.  I thoroughly enjoyed this morning.  It was good to have the opportunity to walk with two others, and we saw the group doing the other direction as we all set off, and also passed those going the other way – a nice chance for a short chat.  The walk itself between Chipstable & Raddington was really lovely.”
    “Thank you again, it was a grand idea to do the lockdown version”. 
    “Thank you so much for including me in your plans. I know others were involved, so please thank them as well. I thought the brochure was excellent, the route descriptions combined with the sketch map was a great combination. The sketch map is really very well done. I also loved the  history lessons at each of the churches.” 
    “It was lovely!  What a fabulous section of the walk that was and the big open fields from Heydon Hill. Thank you we loved the walk! We met fellow walkers having lunch outside the church at H. Champflower.  I look forward to doing this again and thank you so much for organising it!”
    “What a fantastic day.  Wonderful thought and planning.  It has really taken off and how! Words fail me…  We were thrilled to participate.”