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Wiveliscombe Area Partnership
    • 'A Community Charity dedicated to Harnessing the Power of Volunteers'

      Wiveliscombe Area Partnership - WAP - is a company limited by guarantee with charitable status and is managed by a Board of Directors consisting of community minded residents plus representatives from the Town and District Councils.

      WAP operates from the Community Office in the heart of the Wiveliscombe but serves the larger rural area of some 8,000 inhabitants known as The 10 Parishes (see map). WAP has a strong track record in developing and delivering projects that address rural issues. The company has been built around the principles of innovation, co-operation and collaboration. Its development has been supported by the District, County and Parish and Town Councils and it is in a unique position to understand and drive forward rural strategies.

      In addition, WAP organises and runs the biennial 10 Parishes Festival plus the annual Wiveliscombe Street Market and Carnival, normally held in September.

      Our Mission......... 
      'The Social, Economic and Cultural Prosperity of the Community and all who live in it'

    • Wivey Link was originally set up to help combat rural isolation and whilst this is still its prime focus the service is open to all who, for whatever reason, have no access to transport be it public or private and to those residents who are chronically sick or disabled.

      The service operates Monday to Friday from approximately 8am to 6pm, Bank Holidays excepted and the only requirements are that you need to be registered and that you pre-book by 11am the day before, using the booking line 01984 624666. You can download the registration form by clicking here or by picking up a form at the Community Office. We can also arrange local trips at weekends (usually involving a visit and tea) which have proved to be a hit with our registrants.

    • Fares start at £2.50 and vary according to the length of journey; there is a concession for bus-pass holders and those under 16 but this is capped at £5 such that the amount of any fare which exceeds £10 would be charged in full.

      We currently have two Citroen wheelchair accessible people carriers, one smaller wheelchair accessible Renault Kangoo plus another Renault Kangoo car on the road. The service is run entirely by volunteers with an employed part time coordinator. 

      For more information, please telephone the Wivey Link booking line on 01984 624666 or call in at the Community Office on weekdays, any time between 10am and 1pm.