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Convenient - at least until March 2016

Flushed with success - Wivey councillors keep the toilets open


£80,000 of funding has been secured to keep the Wivey toilets (also Milverton, Wellington and others) open for another year.  At the TDBC Budget Meeting on 24th February 2015, Councillors Steve Ross and Eddie Gaines (Wiveliscombe's two Independent elected members of TDBC) proposed an amendment to the budget and with oposition support the ruling group was defeated in a vote.  This is a great example of local democracy in action: Wiveliscombe has successfully challenged the use of inadequate data and lack of thought in parts of the process of saving money.

The fuding will be used to keep toilets open for a further year in areas of Taunton Deane where local communicities have said they are needed.  During this time, proper planning for the future of the Wiveliscombe toilets can take place, recognising the town's position as a rural commercial hub and tourist destination, negotiating with the new borough council to be elected on Thursday 7th May.