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Future of the Wiveliscombe Toilets

Wivey Toilets


The Wiveliscombe Town Council decided at it's meeting on the 29th February 2016 to take on the freehold of the toilet property for a nominal fee from TDBC with the Town Council taking on the running of the service from the existing building. TDBC would then contribute a one off grant of £10,562.

Condition: If the Building was sold 50% of the proceeds would need to be paid back to TDBC however if the building was sold for community use the Town Council could keep the full proceeds.

To consider alternative ways in the first year to provide better and more efficient toilets in Wiveliscombe without a significant impact on the Town Councils Precept. The agreemend will include a clause that the toilets will be handed over to the Town Council in a 'fit for purpose' condition.

Clerk 2016