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Doorstep Crime and Rogue Traders

Know you rights...


This information has been provided by PCSO 6945 Louise Fyne, member of  Avon & Somerset Police's Safer Stronger Neighbourhood Team for Milverton and North Deane, Wiveliscombe and West Deane and Monument.  Contact her by phone on 07889 659476 or by e-mail on louise.fyne@avonandsomerset.police.uk.

Please find below some  information with regarding to Doorstep Crime and Rogue Traders.

It is important to know your rights and to raise awareness of this issue.

  • You have a right to cancel a contract you’ve entered into at home. Traders must give a consumer a ‘Notice of Right to Cancel’ which allows the consumer a cooling off period of 14 days.

  • You must also be given written information on how to cancel a contract. This must contain information on your rights to cancel  and is relevant to any contract that you take up in your home over the value of £35.00.

  • You can cancel a contract after work has started, but only if you are still within the cancellation period. (This is if you have agreed with the trader to start works before the end of the 14 days cooling off period. The trader must get the consumer’s written agreement on this early start).

Question: If you spot a couple of men/women up a ladder on your elderly neighbour’s roof, what should you do?

Answer: Never ignore it. You should speak to your neighbour -  and check they are happy with the situation. It’s good advice to make a note of the description of the workers and their vehicles.

If you have any suspicions or are concerned about door-to-door callers, please call the Police on 101. If you think a crime is in progress always call 999.

Did you also know;

  • A trader breaks the law if they visit your home and refuse to leave when requested to do so.
  • Claiming a product is available for a limited time, to pressure a sale, is illegal.
  • Inaccurately claiming you are at risk if you don’t buy the goods, is illegal

As a footnote, leaflets and No Cold Calling Stickers can be obtained from your local shops and meeting points, so please pick one up when you are out and about.