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Local artist David Carter in Somerset Living

Local artist David Carter features in the latest edition of Somerset Living with 3 pages of his photographic images taken from the local landscape.


Raddington resident David took most of his pictures within 200 metres of the family farmhouse and was set to exhibit the results of some 10 years work, for the first time, at the 2017 10 Parishes art festival. Sadly David died unexpectedly in July 2017. His wife and daughter, encouraged by friends and family went ahead with the exhibition and were overwhelmed by the reception it received, subsequently setting up a website to make David’s work available to all: www.glass-pebble.co.uk

Wife Roz says: 'I wish he could have seen the response to his beautiful perspective on the world. David spent hours catching the right light and reflections, giving us a take on a world that we could not have seen without him; his pictures are puzzling and beautiful, and such an amazing legacy. We wanted to do him proud and carry on his commitment to being part of the community so we have developed the business Glass Pebble using local businesses and contacts. We are so proud to be featured in Somerset Living's November Issue.”