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Langley Marsh Social Club
    • We’d love you to come and join us each month at The Three Horseshoes for fun, food and frolics and at the same time help to raise funds for truly local causes such as St. Margaret’s Hospice, the Wivey Monday Club and Wivey link.

      Enjoy a lovely meal first (or not if you prefer to eat at home before coming along for the activities) and enjoy a variety of activities throughout the year.

      This year we’ve all enjoyed skittles, darts and quizzes amongst other things including our summer BBQ.

      We hope to hear from you soon and look forward to seeing you at The Three Horseshoes!

      Forthcoming Dates


      Supporting the MRI Scanner in Musgrove

      Monday, December 11th Christmas Dinner at the ‘Shoes - £17 – at 7:30pm.

                                                Names to the list in the Three Horseshoes as soon as possible please, and                                                           certainly by Sunday, 3rd November.


      Friday, January 26th       Quiz at 8pm – Cottage Pie will be available at 7:30pm for £7 for those signing the list                                            by Sunday 21st.

                                                Maurice will be organizing a raffle.

      Friday, February 16th      Bingo at 8pm. Sausage and Mash will be available at 7:30 pm for those signing the                                              list by Sunday 11th.
                                                Maurice will be organizing a raffle.

      Friday, March 16th          Feely Bags at 8pm. Chicken & Chips will be available at 7:30 for those that have                                                   added their names to list in the Three Horseshoes by Sunday 11th.

                                               Afterwards we will be handing round bags containing items for you to identify, with a                                             prize for the winner – please bring something difficult to identify that can be put in a                                               bag on arrival.

                                               Maurice will be organizing a raffle.

      Friday, April 27th             Annual General Meeting at 8pm. We will be presenting a cheque to a representative                                            from Musgrove hospital.
                                                Maurice will be organizing a raffle.

      Friday, May 25th              Skittles in the Alley at 8pm. Pasty and Chips will be available at 7:30 for those that                                                have added their names to list in the Three Horseshoes by Sunday, May 20th -
                                                Maurice will be organizing a raffle.

      Where not shown the food price will be announced about a month before.

      Please note that it is very important that all requests for food be entered on the

      lists in the Three Horseshoes by the dates noted above. Anyone at the meeting,
      who has not ordered, is unlikely to be able to request food on the night. If you do
      order food, but do not show up, you may be asked to pay for it.

      New Members always welcome.

      To join call Lyn Barfield on 01984 629331