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Diary Editor

It's Heaven on the B3227!
Venue:  Cotleigh Brewery
24/02/2017 - 8:00PM

A 10 Parishes Festival Taster Event

In its former lives as the A398 and the A361, the 57-mile B3227 was known to many as the slow-moving holiday route from Taunton to Barnstaple and beyond.  Today it is a quiet, scenic meander through the rolling hills and picturesque towns of western Somerset and north Devon.

The road passes through Milverton, Wiveliscombe and Waterrow which, along with neighbouring parishes, form the 10 Parishes, home to the 10 Parishes Festival. The festival is a bi-annual celebration of the rich creative talent in this part of Somerset, and is always on the look-out for new angles for promoting local artists and performers.

One such performer is the Over the Hill’s Blues Band. Inspired by the iconic song Route 66 by Chuck Berry, the Rolling Stones and others, it has written (Heaven on) The B3227 now frequently heard at local gigs and on 10Radio. The song has inspired three young sisters living near Waterrow to start making a pop video. And their enthusiasm has, in turn, inspired the 10 Parishes Festival to use the song and the road itself as a theme for a wide range of artistic endeavours in this September’s festival.

To warm up the creative engines the 10 Parishes Festival is hosting an ideas evening at Wiveliscombe’s Cotleigh Brewery on Friday 24 February at 8.00pm. Anyone living beside, working along or using the B3277 is invited to come and share their ideas for this year’s festival (9th-17th September 2017).  Film-makers, painters, performers, poets, writers, musicians, singers and crafts people are especially welcome as are schools, businesses and anyone else interested in taking part.  


The aim of the evening is to gather ideas which will help the planning for the Festival in September and the potential for screenings, performances, exhibitions and other events. The Over the Hill’s Blues Band will also perform a live set including ‘The B3227’. Cotleigh Brewery will be providing a bar and their famous beers. 

Pauline Homeshaw of the 10 Parishes Festival said: “This is a new theme for the Festival and we hope that it will help to generate excitement, inspire participation and make this year’s one of the best in its history.”
Peter Krijgsman of OTHBB said, “Casting the B3227 as a hero in a song started as a sort of joke, but it has made us think about how roads represent different things to different people at different times.  We’re very proud that the festival is using our song and hope it helps to promote one of this area’s main calendar events.  As well as the B3227, of course.'