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Wiveliscombe Consolidated Charities
    • Contact Email:
    • helena@helenatrump.co.uk
    • Primary Phone Number:
    • 01984 624409
    • Secondary Phone Number:
    • 07831 407904
    • Address:
    • Farriers,
      Langley Cross,
      TA4 2UQ

      The Charities of Wiveliscombe were originally set up in 1863, and consisted of numerous small Charities, usually named after their benefactors. The Charities consisted of money, land and property either bequeathed or donated by well-to-do members of the Parish.  In 1877 the Committee applied to the Charity Commissioners to have all these small charities consolidated into one, hence Wiveliscombe Consolidated Charities. They consist of

      1. The Estate Charity

      2. The Consolidated Educational Fund

      3. The Poor's Charity.

      Charity Registered Numbers: 204412, 205513 &310189.

      Over time, all land and property has been sold and the capital assets are vested in The Charity Commissioners scheme.  The charity income is paid to the Trustees of the Estate Charity, to be divided as follows, one quarter to the Church, three eights to The Consolidated Educational Foundation and three eights to The Poor's Charity.  This income is then distributed twice yearly by the Trustees

      There have been considerable changes in the social and economic life of the Parish;  gone are the days when bags of coal were distributed to the needy, yet the underprivileged and socially disadvantaged are still with us. As of old, the Charity Trustees devote much of the meagre resources to the youth of the Parish, but never forget the aged.

      The Trustees meet in April and November.  To be considered for a grant, applicants must live in the parish of Wiveliscombe.

      Anyone wishing to apply, please contact the Secretary:- Helena Trump on 01984 624409 or by e-mail:- helena@helenatrump.co.uk